The website is LIVE

Wowie wow woah! After tons of debauchery, trial & error, tears, sweat, and blood, our home site is FINALLY live and open to the public! 
Beyond that, more good news here....

---Our NEXT show is looking to be a really, REALLY big event! We've joined in with the other local ATLiens in support of a charity event backing up the Bernie Sanders Campaign. Come hang, listen to tons of local music, see some really cool art, hear some inside scoops on the campaign, and most of all, immerse yourself amongst several other great people.

---WE HAVE SECURED AN INCREDIBLE VAN. SHES BIG, RED, AND FULLY AUTOMATIC. Keep an eye out for this babe on the road, chances are its probably us :)

--- With the launch of a new website, will also be revamping our mailing list, and keeping in better touch with all of our fans! (:

--- We will be recording some awesome live sessions this month of some NEW material. We can't wait to share!

And finally

---More spring show dates will be announced soon.

Much Love,
The Night Shift.

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